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Ellen Meyer is one of Ontario’s most in-demand collaborative pianists. Possessing a large and varied repertoire, she has performed across Canada, the U.S., including Carnegie Hall, multiple times in Germany, Italy and Spain, as a soloist and chamber musician.

Ellen has performed with notable artists such as Ricardo Morales, Julian Bliss, Peter Sheridan, David Hetherington and Peter Stoll, and collaborated with participants in masterclasses conducted by Karl Leister, Sabine Meyer, James Campbell and Christopher Millard, amongst many others.

She has been heard on upwards of 15 CDs, including Twelve By The Moon-dial and Foliage with the Riverdale Ensemble, several with Cantores Celestes Women’s Choir, and Mit Ausdruck with Ossia on historical keyboard.

Ellen has also recorded film scores for feature film and documentaries. She has been broadcast on CBC,CTV, MuchMusic, Bravo, TVO and WNED.

In her spare time, Ellen writes wryly about her unconventional experiences as a collaborative musician, on her page “The Life of Pi-anist.”



The After Hours Big Band has become a vital member of the York Region music scene.

Started some twelve years ago by Newmarket Citizens Band bandsman, Jack Savage, the band was originally a collection of NCB members who wanted to play jazz and swing repertoire after their regular community band rehearsals, hence the name. While still joyously celebrating the Golden Age of 1930s and 1940s swing the band has expanded its horizons and now also draws inspiration from the best of more contemporary composers and arrangers.


More recently, and with demonstrable success, the AHBB has added a vocalist and is working with its knowledgeable music director, trombonist and noted arranger, Dr. Michael Kearns. With steady contributions from its five saxophones, four trombones, five trumpets and a pulsating rhythm section, this dance band can make any occasion swing.

This band has appeared at such highly-rated events as the Aurora Jazz+ Music Festival, the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons Music in the Park, the Unionville Big Band Festival and numerous fund-raisers in York Region to universal and enthusiastic acclaim.

For more information call: Stephen Harper @ (905) 868-8460 or email :

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Thank you to all those who participated in An Affair to Remember: The Fifth Annual Hillary House Ball. It was a memorable event that greatly supported Hillary House National Historic Site. To remember thiswonderful evening we have here images from the night by our esteemed photographer, Glenn Rodger.

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hhb2016-2733 hhb2016-3088 hhb2016-2946
hhb2016-2673 hhb2016-2628 hhb2016-2623
hhb2016-3364 hhb2016-3281 hhb2016-2799
hhb2016-2655 hhb2016-2644 hhb2016-3371
hhb2016-2738 hhb2016-2725 hhb2016-3217
hhb2016-2697 hhb2016-2661 hhb2016-2730
hhb2016-3230 hhb2016-3298 hhb2016-3104
hhb2016-3134 hhb2016-3190 hhb2016-2808
hhb2016-2709 hhb2016-3157 hhb2016-2761
hhb2016-3156 hhb2016-2688 hhb2016-2654
hhb2016-2684 hhb2016-2758 hhb2016-2852
hhb2016-2678 hhb2016-2744 hhb2016-2732
hhb2016-3166 hhb2016-2748 hhb2016-3359
hhb2016-3162 hhb2016-2907 hhb2016-3222
hhb2016-3320 hhb2016-2700 hhb2016-3390
hhb2016-2837 hhb2016-2752 hhb2016-2771
hhb2016-2809 hhb2016-3310 hhb2016-2692
hhb2016-2760 hhb2016-2818 hhb2016-2768
hhb2016-2734 hhb2016-2873 hhb2016-3178
hhb2016-3254 hhb2016-3255 hhb2016-2830
hhb2016-2881 hhb2016-3089 hhb2016-3221
hhb2016-2775 hhb2016-2633 hhb2016-3306
hhb2016-3099 hhb2016-2716 hhb2016-2664
hhb2016-2705 hhb2016-2822 hhb2016-3395
hhb2016-2814 hhb2016-3289 hhb2016-3318
hhb2016-3199 hhb2016-2851 hhb2016-3125
hhb2016-2815 hhb2016-2650 hhb2016-3366
hhb2016-2844 hhb2016-3186 hhb2016-3187
hhb2016-3327 hhb2016-3293 hhb2016-2739
hhb2016-2715 hhb2016-2634 hhb2016-2735
hhb2016-2826 hhb2016-2624 hhb2016-2779
hhb2016-2945 hhb2016-2796 hhb2016-3313
hhb2016-2670 hhb2016-2711 hhb2016-2750
hhb2016-3305 hhb2016-2868 hhb2016-2816
hhb2016-3374 hhb2016-2893 hhb2016-2762
hhb2016-3101 hhb2016-2763 hhb2016-2666
hhb2016-2872 hhb2016-3251 hhb2016-3250
hhb2016-2689 hhb2016-2698 hhb2016-2892
hhb2016-2699 hhb2016-3393 hhb2016-2627
hhb2016-3095 hhb2016-2618 hhb2016-2640
hhb2016-3258 hhb2016-3363 hhb2016-2769
hhb2016-3111 hhb2016-2823 hhb2016-2936
hhb2016-2850 hhb2016-2825 hhb2016-2843
hhb2016-2712 hhb2016-3286 hhb2016-2645
hhb2016-2658 hhb2016-2718 hhb2016-3335
hhb2016-2885 hhb2016-2701 hhb2016-3339
hhb2016-2681 hhb2016-2900 hhb2016-2785
hhb2016-2806 hhb2016-3056 hhb2016-2802
hhb2016-2704 hhb2016-2831 hhb2016-2781
hhb2016-3302 hhb2016-3172 hhb2016-2746
hhb2016-2648 hhb2016-2646 hhb2016-2839
hhb2016-3231 hhb2016-3177 hhb2016-2736
hhb2016-2862 hhb2016-2629 hhb2016-2696
hhb2016-2708 hhb2016-2723 hhb2016-3205
hhb2016-2726 hhb2016-3296 hhb2016-2870
hhb2016-3392 hhb2016-3155 hhb2016-2754
hhb2016-3218 hhb2016-2740 hhb2016-2695
hhb2016-2895 hhb2016-2706 hhb2016-3112
hhb2016-3124 hhb2016-2883 hhb2016-3342
hhb2016-3174 hhb2016-3283 hhb2016-2729
hhb2016-2691 hhb2016-2651 hhb2016-3372
hhb2016-3351 hhb2016-2745 hhb2016-2717
hhb2016-2778 hhb2016-3325 hhb2016-3044
hhb2016-3096 hhb2016-3033 hhb2016-2819
hhb2016-2756 hhb2016-2649 hhb2016-2721
hhb2016-2810 hhb2016-2665 hhb2016-2657