Artifact of the Week: “Lincoln Imp” Door Knocker

By Claire Layton There is always something to learn in a museum; people working in museums are no exception to this truism! Working in a museum (even one as seemingly small as the Hillary House with a finite collection), allows for surprises and new discoveries daily. This little grotesque door knocker, located on one of … Read more

Artifact of the Week: The Sanborn Viso-Cardiette, model 51

By Claire Layton This is a portable electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG); a machine that essentially prints out a visual representation of a person’s heartbeat. Electrocardiography refers to the process of recording the electrical activity of the heart. This particular machine was made in the 1950s for the York County Hospital in Newmarket, now renamed to … Read more

Artifact of the Week: Indian Clubs (“Meels”)

By Claire Layton These clubs originated in the Near East as a form of exercise equipment for strength training. The wooden clubs would be made in various sizes and weights and would be held and swung in particular patterns that were part of an exercise program. The first recorded use was by wrestlers in ancient … Read more

Advanced Tree Care Work on Hillary House North Lawn

Specialists from Advanced Tree Care came to Hillary House on May 1st, 2015 and, under the direction of Board Member Shumaila Waqas and the Landscaping Committee, cleared and cleaned the north lawn to the side of the house, making way for a restoration of the tennis court that started the Aurora Tennis Club (formerly known as the Aurora Community Tennis Club).


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