Adopt an Artifact

Dr. Hillary’s Violin
Once again AHS is pleased to present the Adopt an Artifact program. With all new artifacts available for adoption for 2016, there are more reasons than ever to become an adoptor. Get up close and personal with your favorite artifacts,create connections with a piece of Aurora’s history, and support one of Aurora’s greatest hidden gems, Hillary House National Historic Site.

Launched in 2013 by the Aurora Historical Society (AHS) Adopt an Artifact presents an innovative way for people to interact with the history of Aurora and support its preservation. Newly updated in 2016, a wide variety of carefully selected artifacts are now available to be symbolically adopted.

Adopt an Artifact forms part of a major fundraising campaign currently underway at AHS. All contributions support the restoration and preservation efforts as well as the ongoing creation of new exhibits, programming and community outreach. Tax-deductable adoption fees begin at $100 for one year, and $150 for two. Adoptors will receive a package including an Adoption Certificate and a photo of their artifact to display in their home, classroom, office or business. They may have their name alongside their displayed artifact in the museum or select one of several other recognition options.

See our catalogue to see what artifacts are available for adoption: Adopt An Artifact Catalogue 2016