Ready Made Youth Programs

Arts and Music (2-3 hours): During this program kids will learn about Hillary House, its architecture and the art and music that went on behind its doors. The kids will participate in a variety of traditional crafts that were done by the Hillary children and will create musical instruments from scratch. The kids will also be introduced to locally made art and traditional Canadian music. By the end, the kids will have a better understanding of what art and culture are and its importance to the community.

Provincial Heritage (2-3 hours): In this program the topics covered include local art and literature, early Aurora history, and architecture. The kids will also learn how to make something like a settler in Aurora would have and have a chance to talk about everything learned as a group with a Hillary House staff member.

Kids through Time (2-3 hours): During this program the kids will learn about the daily life of children in the early 1900s and what kinds of toys they played with. They will then make their own toy or craft like they did in the Victorian era and play a traditional game!

History in my Community (2-3 hours): In this program kids will be introduced to local heritage and culture and gain an understanding of the past in Aurora. In addition to traditional crafts, kids will be given an opportunity to explore the museum when they take part in the scavenger hunt!

Young Kids Program (2-3 hours): This fun and relaxed program geared towards younger kids will explore local history and the lives of children 100 years ago. The kids will take part in a traditional activity and make crafts related to things they learned at Hillary House. Kids will have learned some of Aurora’s interesting history and how things have changed in the past century.

Dig It! (1-1.5 hours): In this fun activity the kids will become archaeologists and learn about how to excavate a site and uncover treasures which will then be examined and recorded. The kids will then have an opportunity to interpret their findings into a creative story!

Nature Detectives (1-1.5 hours): In this adventurous program, the kids will learn about the history of the Hillary House landscape and the plants and animals that live there. They will then search through the grounds for different kinds of wildlife. They will then take some time to examine and draw their findings.
Map It! A Day in the Life of Dr. Hillary (1-1.5 hours): In this program the kids will experience the day in the life of the town doctor in 1915 by following a list of directions that will take them through a setup of Old Aurora on the grounds of the Hillary House.

Information Sources Seminar (45-60 minutes): In this educational activity, the kids will learn about using primary and secondary sources. They will have a special opportunity to have a hands-on experience with artifacts from the Hillary House collection.