Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides Programs

Girl Guides
Beatrice Hillary with Girl Guides, 1951

Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides programs at Hillary House National Historic Site are designed to be flexible, affordable and fun! All programs are designed to meet specific badge requirements to help Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides earn their badges while fostering an understanding and love of history and heritage. Cost for all programs are $5.00 per child.

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Sparks Program: 1.5 Hour Program
The youngest members will learn about local history and the lives of children 100 years ago in this fun program! They will take part in an activity that the Hillary children may have enjoyed and make a craft related to something they learned at Hillary house. By the end of the program the girls will have learned some of Aurora’s interesting history and gained an understanding of how things have changes here in the past century.

Brownies Key to my Community Special Interest Badge Program: 1.5 Hour Program
In this self-contained program, girls will be introduced to local heritage and culture and gain and understanding of the past in Aurora. In additional to a traditional craft, girls will be given an opportunity to explore the museum in a hands on way not typical of every museum when they take part in the scavenger hunt! When they leave, girls will have earned a special interest badge and have gained an understanding of the past and hopefully a love of history.

Brownies Key to the Arts Special Interest Badge: 1.5 Hour Program
Local Art and Music Program: In this self contained program, girls will be introduced to locally made art, traditional Canadian music and learn a new art technique for themselves. By the end, the girls will have a better understanding of what art and culture is and its importance to the community.

Brownies Super Crafts AND Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Badges: 1.5 Hour Program
In one evening, Brownies can earn 2 badges. In this program, girls will be making several crafts using recycled materials, learn about the Aboriginal peoples who live in and around Aurora, learn a game and use a First Nations invention!

Handbook for Girl Guides 1912

Girl Guides Creative Craft Badge: 2 Hour Program
In this program, girls can meet 5-6 requirements needed for the Creative Craft Badge in this fast paced and fun program. During the program girls will learn about Hillary House, its architecture, the life of the children of Dr. R.M and Edith Hillary in the early 1900’s.

Girl Guides Heritage Badge: 2 Hour Program
In one evening, Girl Guides can earn their Heritage badge at Hillary House! After this program. Girls will leave with a better understanding of their community and it’s history. Girls will learn about Hillary House, Architecture and the history of Aurora and the surrounding area. They will then create something like a settler’s child would have made and take part in a traditional group activity.

Girl Guides Heritage Home Skills Badge: 2 Hour Program
In one evening, girls will earn requirements for their Heritage Home Skills badge and learn how different life was for girls in the Victorian Era. Girls will learn about the lives of the Hillary children, how to make a traditional toy and a traditional group activity. In warm weather, there is an optional butter making or ice cream making program extension to help the girls get one step close to their Heritage Home Skills Badge.

Girl Guides Provincial Heritage Badge: 2 Hour Program
In one evening, girls will earn their Provincial Heritage badge with this fast paced, interesting and fun program at Hillary house. Topics covered include local art and literature, early Aurora history, and Architecture. The girls will also learn how to make something like a settler in Aurora would have and have a chance to talk about everything they learned as a group with a Hillary House staff member. By the end of the evening, the girls will have earned all 6 requirements for their provincial heritage badge.

Girl Guides Folklore Badge: 2 Hour Program
In one night girls will complete 5-6 requirements for their Folklore badge! In addition to visiting a Historic House, girls will learn what folklore is, learn folk songs, make a craft and brush up on their storytelling skills by creating their own tale.

Christmas On Yonge Street: 1-2 Hour Program
The Hillary family lived at Hillary House from 1876 to 1993. In the 117 years of ownership, Christmas was a popular holiday celebrated by many generations. In this program, participants will visit Hillary House while decorated for the holiday season. Here, they will discover the origins of some popular Christmas Traditions, make a holiday craft, and take a tour of the house.

Possible Holiday Crafts Include:
Christmas Tree Ornament
Santa Hat Ornament
Victorian Christmas Cards