Boy Scouts Program

Scouts Canada programs at Hillary are designed to be interesting, affordable and fun! All programs are designed to meet specific badge requirements to help scouts earn their badges while fostering an understanding and love of history and heritage. Each program has is designed to meet specific badge requirements in a way that is fun and informative. The cost for each program $5.00 per participant.

To get started today download the Girl Guide and Scout Booking Program Form 2017 Online. Once complete, send document to our educator at Once recieved, our educator will contact you to discuss details of the program.

Cubs Canadian Heritage Challenge Badge Program: 1.5 Hour Program

1. Learn a Canadian legend or folktale. Tell it to your six or pack
2. Visit a local museum. Draw a picture of some of the exhibits or things you see. Show your pictures to you six or pack, and tell them what you liked about the museum and what you learned from your visit.
3. Draw or trace a simple map of Canada, showing the provinces and territories, capital cities and other main features you can discover
4. Learn more about the history, traditions, and contributions of local Aboriginal people.
5. Learn a Canadian folksong and its origins, and then sing it with your six or pack.