Aurora Historical Society
Founded 1963


The Aurora Historical Society started in 1963 and purchased Hillary House in 1981. The original mandate of the Historical Society was to support historic preservation in Aurora as well as to collect artifacts.

Although the Aurora Collection of artifacts is now managed and curated by the Town of Aurora (since 2013); the Historical Society is still very much involved with education, heritage, and preservation in addition to its curatorial responsibilities for Hillary House which includes its collections of medical instruments, historic artifacts, and related documents.

A recent example of the educational outreach that has been undertaken by the Historical Society is the collection of oral history interviews with town senior citizens. These have been recorded in both audio and video and in 2015, a portion of these will be publicly accessible through a separate website.

Hillary House National Historic Site,
The Koffler Museum of Medicine


Hillary House was built in 1862 and a series of four doctors and their families lived in the house until 1993. The home was purchased by the Aurora Historical Society in 1981 and is listed as a Canadian National Historic Site as well as listed as a heritage property by the Town of Aurora.

This website contains a substantial amount of detail on Hillary House and related topics. Please feel free to explore it at your leisure. Although Hillary House is frequently open for drop-in visits, it is best to phone ahead for an appointment so that we can be certain to have someone available to provide a personalized tour of the home.