Today we celebrate the 99th Armistice Day. Today is a day to honour those who have fought for our country and the sacrifices they made. The first Armistice Day was November 11, 1918. It marked the end the the First World War, one of the most tragic events in world history. 61,000 Canadians were killed, another 172,000 injured, and the rest never forgot the horrors they endured during that time.

AHS has worked hard over the last few years to draw attention to those who fought in this war by researching their stories, and creating events and exhibits in their honour. Part of this research has included creating a complete list of those who called our corner of the world home.

This list is the result of extensive research and may not be complete, if anyone reading this would like to add a name, or has any information to share on any person listed, please contact us at (905) 727 – 8991 or

We Remember:

William John Addington W.J. Addison Gordon Alexander Henry H. Allen James Allen C.C. Amos
Frederick William Armitage Stephen Armstrong Septimus Telford Ball Albert Bellamy Joseph Billing Charles Richard Boulding
Thomas Henry Bovair Arthur Bovair Ernest Bradbury Charles Gilbert Brooks George William Brooks Herman Clifton Brown
Clinton Brown Emanuel Brown Stanley G. Brown Walter Broome Howard Wesley Browning Charles William Bull
Alva Burch Kenneth Campbell Thomas Bourchirr Cave George Albert Clanfield Chas. T. Clapham Charles Clayton
Albert Cousins Ben F. Cox William Craigie Harry Lorne Crawford Thos S. Crosskill George Frederick Dare
Herbert Dare Bill Davidson Charles Louis Davies A. Ernest Davis W. Dixon Clarence Doolittle
Fisher Dunham Arthur Egan John Joseph Egan Alfred Victor Elphinstone Charles Elridge Thomas Evans
Harry Eveleigh Walter Kenneth Exely Len Feren Jack Ferguson Max Fines Ken Forsythe
A.T. Forsyth Sidney Fowles Sidney Gambriell Earl Cosford Garbutt Edgar Thomas Gedney Harper Caulfield Gillham
James Goulding Eddie Graham Frank James Albert Grainger Karl Grainger Gilbert Arthur Gray Allan Gray
Clifford Green Edgar Reginald Hames Charles Donald Hamilton Louis William Harman Roy Harper Walter Harris
Oliver Harris Robert Ross Hartman Fred Harrington Hartman Lewis A. Hawtin Orville Harper Heath Angus Percy Heise
William Leng Hicks Heber Higgs John Emmerson Hill Ernest Stanley Hill Irving Hill Robert Michael Hillary
Stuart Hillary John Hilts Hugh Hilts Kelsey H. Hobday Vincent de Paul Hodgins John Ross Hodgins
Roy Hollingshead James Albert Hollinshead Joseph Henry Holman George Lindsay Holman Harry Holman Jack Hudson
John Thompson Hulme William Howard Hulme William Thomas Hulme Thomas Harry Hutchinson N.F. Johnson Fred C. Johnson
Charles Ernest Jones George Nelson Kennedy Frederick Kennedy Christopher Kennedy William Tracey Kew William Sanford Kew
Albert Kneeshaw Thomas Knight J.H. Knowles James Albert Knowles George Lewis Langstaff James Law
Harold Gordon Learoyd Everett Salton Learoyd George Henry Lee Karl George Ernest Lees Robert Gordon Legge Elwood Gardiner Lloyd
Percy Doan Lloyd Roscoe Major Lloyd William Charles Lubbock Fred Luxon William Henry MacGirr Frank Allison Machell
William Henry Marment William Herbert McCloskey Joseph Colquhoun McGhee Thomas McMaster Theodore James McNichol D. Miler
Melville Lorne Campbell Mitchell Frederick Monkman William Coleman Monkman James Walter Monkman John Herbert Morgan Henry Moulstone
Harry Telford Roy Mount W.J. Mountain William John Mugford Samuel R. Mugford E. Howard Mulloy James Neal
George Thomas Neiss Daniel Wellington Nelson Frank Hugh Nicholson Ken Nicol Fred Osborne William Frederick Osborne
Arthur Alfices Patrick Wilfred Ferrier Petermann H.B. Pollock F.G. Powell Herbert Gale Powell John Edward Price
T.H. Price James Albert Proctor Howard Hermis Proctor C.A. Radcliffe Richard Thomas Raynesford Joseph Reilley
Henry Charles Rhinehart Hugh Dick Richards E.F. Richardson C.C. Richardson Ernest Rose William James Rose
Joseph Rose E.B. Ross Albert William Rowe A.C. Rowswell John Rutledge Ernest Galvin Saigle
Fred Sanford Gordon Seaton George Ernest Sherriff Kathleen Sisman Thomas John Smith Charles Wesley Smith
Joseph Alexander Smith Martin Henry Southwood Harrison Bray Spaulding Herbert Earl Spaulding Jack Stallibrass Edward Walter Starkey
Harry Nelson Stephens Lou Stephens Ross Cecil Stephenson William Stewart Stiles Harry Stone William C. Stone
William Strowlger Andrew Summers Frederick Norman Taylor H.M. Taylor Charles W. Terrell William Thomas
James Thompson Fred Tilson Arthur Austin Trent Herbert Tucker George Earl Underhill Albert Edward Usherwood
Jack VanderMaaten Arthur H. Van Nostrand Alfred John Vincent George William Walker Mary Elizabeth Walker Trumbull Warren
Mervyn Elsworth Watts W.J. West William Albert Westbeare Fred H.B. Wilkinson John Harold Wilkinson Garnet Willis
Albert Arthur Wythe