Mystery Artifact – Friday, July 22nd, 2016


As we continue organizing and cataloging our collection at Hillary House, we come across artifacts once in a while that communicate very little details about them! Sometimes we ask one another’s opinions, and research until we find something similar enough that we are confident in our identification!

This artifact was being cataloged by our Collections Volunteer Jeremy Hood recently, but we do not know for sure what this is! As shown in the pictures, this comes in two main sections and there are 4 attachments. The attachments screw into the center post, and the lid fits into the base in a specific way. At the bottom, it appears to be an open metal tube.
We thought we would reach out to our social media platforms and invite the public into this project. If you have ideas about what this artifact might be, please let us know!
Email us at or contact us through our Facebook page and Twitter!
If you would like to visit us when we are open to get a closer look, ask a staff member for assistance.